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Are your relationships suffering? Are your loved ones noticing that you are struggling to manage your depression, anxiety and life stressors? If you are having difficulty maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner, friends, family or co-workers, and feel dissatisfaction in your overall life it is time to get professional help in order to improve your quality of life! You deserve to feel more joy, less stress, mend relationships, and to heal from past hurts. You are also capable of learning new ways to deal with your mood and your relationships.

I play an active and non-judgmental approach in the therapeutic relationship while helping you navigate through your hardships. I am passionate about helping individuals reach a life that they can enjoy so that you can engage in healthy relationships again. My approach is to be collaborative, compassionate, and empathic to help you build on your strengths, find solutions, and heal past wounds that are holding you back.


Is your depression holding you back from experiencing joy in your relationships? Do your past memories continue to affect your present?


Are you ready to live the life you want, let go of your past, and experience joy in your life?


Are you tired of worrying and stressing about your future? What does your anxiety prevent you from experiencing?

I do not offer advice, therapy, or emergency care via email. If you need emergency medical or psychiatric care, call 911 or the 24-hour crisis hotline at 888-724-7240 or go to the nearest emergency room. Please schedule an appointment to secure your privacy and to answer all your questions. I look forward to working with you!